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Our Clinical Approach

We ensure your comfort during your visit. Our intensive brain-training program includes a thorough diagnostic testing process to discover all of your neurological function impairments. After completing the diagnostic process, we apply therapies that target your neurological obstacles with precision and effectiveness.

Board Certified

Having a board certified fellowship in neuroscience allows us to utilize brain-training therapies based on the scientifically proven principle of neuroplasticity. This principle is that the brain is capable of growing, changing, and rebuilding itself with the proper stimuli. Our therapy provides the stimuli that facilitates the rebuilding and enhancement of neural pathways, improving your performance in measurable and noticeable ways.

Care that Continues at Home

Upon completion of your therapy with us, we provide you with simple, at-home neurological exercises you can complete on your own, typically under the supervision of your primary care doctor. These profoundly-effective neurological exercises are designed to enhance your long-term growth, allowing you to achieve your mental health goals for as long as you live.


At Saponara Brain & Spine Center, we specialize in re-connecting neural pathways and efficiency, through non-invasive and research-supported therapies that rebuild and improve brain function in only a matter of days. This is made possible by “neuroplasticity,” a widely-accepted scientific principle that is only available in a few advanced treatment centers. Our team of neuroscience and therapy experts provide care that is supported by two major pillars: individualized attention and evidence-based diagnostics.

Evidence-Based Diagnostics

The key to any effective treatment is precise diagnosis leading to specifically targeted therapy. In many cases, diagnosing abnormalities in the brain is difficult and unclear. However, at Saponara Brain & Spine Center, we utilize a comprehensive set of exams and proprietary diagnostic technology to pinpoint the exact brain functions that need treatment.

Our comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests includes:

  • Comprehensive, Multiple System Physical Examination
  • Saccadometry
  • Electro-diagnostic Testing
  • Medical Outcome Surveys
  • Tilt-Table Autonomic Testing
  • Neuro-Cognitive Assessments
  • Videooculography (VOG)
  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP)
  • Functional Movement Analysis
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Assessments
  • Sport-Specific Performance Assessment
  • Individualized Care for Each Patient

Individualized Care

Every patient’s brain is different, so we provide customized treatment for each person. Based on our precise diagnosis and your baseline readings, our team of experts work together to create the treatment plan that is most effective for your improvement.

Individualized care is provided through five different ways:

Clinical Approach – We provide intensive therapy three times a day for five days, beginning immediately after your diagnosis is complete.

Measured Progress – Comprehensive baseline tests allow us to accurately measure your progress, refining your treatment for accelerated results.

Multidisciplinary Treatment – We treat the brain from multiple angles, providing comprehensive rehabilitation unlike any other.

Individualized Care Plans – The neurological exercises that we prescribe and perform specifically target the impairments discovered in the diagnostic process, including at-home neurological exercises to continue improvement.

Collaboration For Your Better Health – Saponara Brain & Spine Center is committed to your long-term health and improvement. To that end, at your request, we form relationships with your primary care physicians, sharing information to ensure that your neural growth continues effectively and for a long time to come.

Saponara Brain and Spine offers care for your life long neurological health! Contact us today to put your brain health on track!

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