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Balance, Vestibular, Neurological Assessment

Proudly using the Vestibular Technologies CAPS™ machine to help you regain your balance….for life.

Chiropractor Hilton Head CAPS Machine

Vestibular Technologies CAPS™ Machine

If a patient’s body has a misrepresentation of verticality, this altered verticality causes impaired proprioception and affects the bodies’ center of mass, making the patient susceptible to falls. The Vestibular Technologies CAPS unit measures postural sway by calculating a number of variables such as sway area, velocity, direction, and frequency. Sway increases with aging, more so in the elderly that fall.  Sway also increases in various neurological conditions affecting the sensory and motor systems including, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, cerebellar disease, stroke, and peripheral neuropathies. A CAPS analysis benefits everyone from seniors to athletes.

Types of Screenings & Assessments

Chiropractor Hilton Head Posturography Plotting Graph

Posturography Plotting Graph

Balance Assessment

Using our Vestibular Technologies CAPS™ machine, Dr. Saponara will determine if you are at an increased risk of falling and if any balance problems are triggered by specific positions or activities that would otherwise go undetected. This gives a clear picture in determining where your body perceives itself in space. The real-time diagnostic results allow Dr. Saponara to immediately identify issues and customize a rehabilitation program for you.

Limits of Stability Screening

Limits of Stability screening is extremely important, and our Vestibular Technologies CAPS™ machine makes it easy.   Simply stand on the machine and respond to visual feedback on the screen to :

    • evaluate the effects of drugs, manipulations, etc.
    • help you improve symmetry and posture.
    • serve as a rehabilitation tool.

Sit to Stand Evaluation

Sit to stand is a common, very simple daily task, yet one that can often result in a fall, strained muscles, or increased pain from osteoarthritis or other muscular/joint issues. The Vestibular Technologies CAPS™ machine provides Dr. Saponara with an accurate measurement of how long the movement takes, as well as biofeedback in real time showing your center of pressure during the entire movement. The Sit to Stand Assessment can:

    • establish if you are at risk of losing your balance one reaching a fully erect position after rising from a sitting position.
    • learn different strategies to perform the sit to stand motion.
    • as a rehabilitation tool, it can provide invaluable training in terms of optimizing the maximum load on your lower extremities.

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