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C3 Logix in Hilton Head

Hilton Head C3 LogixA product of the Cleveland Clinic, the C3 Logix is a neurological assessment tool designed to measure your reaction time, memory, processing speed, motor function, vision, balance and more.  The culmination of these measurements provide a big picture of how your brain is functioning.

Free for all Patients

As he continues in the Traumatic Brain Injury Postgraduate program, Dr. Saponara sees first-hand the benefit of these assessments as well as the need for a “baseline” measurement for comparison purposes.

It’s this experience that has led Dr. Saponara not only to bring the first and only C3 Logix assessment to the Hilton Head community, but also to assess all of his patients for free.

Concussions in Sports

Originally designed to address the very serious issue of concussions in sports, the C3 Logix Assessment is making great strides in protecting athletes and aiding in recovery.

The Assessment Experience

Beginning with a quick questionnaire to identify any symptoms, the C3 Logix is a simple and effective assessment completed on an iPad. Beyond completing the questionnaire with Dr. Saponara, the app will also measure reaction time, memory, processing speed, motor function, etc. with a series of game-like exercises.

Finally, the balance assessment is completed by strapping the iPad to your body and using the iPad’s gyroscope to capture balance measurements. While these balance measurements are helpful when conducting C3 assessments outside the office (schools, etc.) patients who are assessed within our Hilton Head chiropractic office will also use the CAPS™ Machine to evaluate balance as well.

Results Stored in the Cloud

Once you’ve taken the C3 Logix assessment, the results can be accessed by any of your future practitioners, anywhere in the world. Results are stored in the cloud for maximum efficiency and accessibility.

While we hope you are never in the position to need to refer to your baseline results – if you are, rest assured your medical team will have quick access to the information they need.

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